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Secure Launcher

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"Secure Launcher" is AOSP based launcher which allows the owner to allow or block the any application installed in the smartphone."Secure Launcher" provides easy to use interface in which apps can be blocked or allowed by listing/hiding the applications in app screen by using its own inbuilt launcher.Only the allowed applications are shown in the application screen and blocked applications are hidden , so user can able to launch only the allowed applications. Applications can be allowed or blocked through "Secure Launcher Setting" which is password protected.Refer the Demo video for how to use.
Main Features:-=============
► "Secure Launcher" can be used as a very simple and effective app locker► "Secure Launcher" can be used as a simple password protected Stock Android Launcher► "Secure Launcher" lists only the allowed apps in the application screen► "Secure Launcher" blocks the applications indirectly by not listing them► Applications can be allowed or blocked only after giving the correct Password► Stock Android Launcher look. Base code is taken from AOSP► Able to block the device settings change by blocking "Settings"► Able to prevent install/uninstall by blocking "Play Store" and "Settings"► Simple and easy to use interface. Allow or block any app by a single click► Allowed and Blocked apps are shown in two different list for ease of use
Typical Usage:-=============
1) After Installing "Secure Launcher" set the password2) "Secure Launcher" requests "Device Admin". This will make sure "Secure Launcher" will never be uninstalled by any means even by using "adb shell"3) Select applications to be allowed or blocked. -----3a) Simply click on any app in Allowed apps list to block it. To allow an app simply click blocked app in the Blocked apps list to move it to allowed list.4) Set default Launcher to "Secure Launcher"-----4a) Goto Settings -> Home in menu and set the default Launcher as "Secure Launcher"5) "Secure Launcher" will be loaded ( first time it will configure which takes 5 to 10 seconds ) and list only the allowed apps6) To block or allow any application, launch "Secure Launcher" and update the allowed and blocked apps list7) Applications will be allowed or blocked once the "Secure Launcher" setting is minimized/closed8) "Secure Launcher" is ready. Create app shortcuts for the allowed app in home screen using drag and drop for ease of use9) "Open Home Settings" in "Secure Launcher" settings can be used to launch the "Home" Settings to change the default launcher
1) When the current launcher is "Secure Launcher" , default launcher can be changed only after allowing "Settings" app2) "Home" menu is used to change the launchers. Search for Home menu in Settings menu for changing the launcher
Known Issues:-=============
1) Recent applications are not cleared. Blocked apps can be launched from it. Make sure to clear "Recent Apps". Will be giving a fix in the next version